About us

If you’ve searched out this page, you’re probably a lover of roses. So am I. My name is Jason, and I’ve been collecting and growing roses for a few years now. I’m also a horticulturist, a grower for a prominent wholesale nursery (perennials) and an enthusiastic dabbler in all things related to small-scale farming. So I’m eagerly taking on the challenge of propagating and growing roses from those I’ve collected.

A few years, my wife and I bought a farm on an island smack in the middle of the Fraser River. Thus the “farm” part of Fraser Valley Rose Farm. It was a bit of a blank slate to begin with, but it’s starting to come into focus now. On a good day, it even looks like we know what we’re doing!

When we moved in, I was able to bring along some newly propagated roses from my old place. Since then I’ve also added roses by mail order and as gifts from other gardeners (thanks!), so my collection is growing, and those I’ve planted are thriving in the heavy soil of our farm. It’s become a bit of a mission of mine to find a preserve the garden-worthy roses that are no longer offered in the stores. I’m happy to offer trades to other rose hobbyists who share my goals. Check here for details.

If you’ve stumbled on this site from a far away place, you’re more than welcome to have a look around. I regret to say that you won’t be able to actually buy anything. This isn’t an on-line store. Yet. Maybe we’ll dabble in it as time allows. Anyone who wants to buy these roses will have to come to the farm and visit, or at least come see us at the Mission City Farmers Market.

Speaking of the farmers market, while we were there this year, I had a few customers ask if they could visit the farm. The short answer is yes, and here’s how to find us:

We’re located on beautiful Nicomen Island. It’s a ten minute drive east of Mission on the Highway 7. When the highway takes a sharp right turn at Hawkin’s Pickle Road, you’re almost there. For those who haven’t come out this way, it’s worth the drive for the scenery alone. The island is between the main branch of the Fraser River on the south and the Nicomen Slough on the north. It’s also tucked in between the Dewdney, Nicomen and Sumas peaks. Most times of the year, you’ll find cars pulled off the side of the road along this stretch of the highway because of the great fishing, or because the travelers have caught sight of eagles or other wildlife along the slough.

While I will say that it’s totally worth the drive to come out, I’d also ask that if you have any plans to come out and see us, please contact us in advance. We’re just starting out as a farm, and we’re nowhere near the point where this is a full-time venture. Call us or e-mail us, and we can discuss what plants you’re looking for in advance, and we can make sure we’re handy when you do make the trip.

Call us (Jason or Lisa) at 604-820-5587 or e-mail us if you prefer. Thanks!