Poached Egg Plant

Limnanthes douglasii is one of the very few annual plants I go out of my way to grow each year. It’s fantastic for attracting hoverflies into my garden. Hoverflies help to control aphids, which is good, because I don’t do too much soap spraying. I also grow annual alyssum (Lobularia) to attract other beneficial insects, but alyssum is readily available in local garden centers. Poached-egg plant (as it’s called because of the color and design of the flowers) is something I’ve never seen in a garden center, so I have to grow it myself.

By the way, this plant will also self-seed readily in the garden. The family name of Limnanthes is “meadowfoam” and this plant is a native meadow plant in Oregon. So if you’re looking to establish a less conventional landscape, see if you can establish a population of meadowfoam.